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Can You Hit a Disposable Vape While it Is Charging?

Disposable vapes have become increasingly popular, offering a convenient and portable way to vape. But have you ever wondered whether hitting a disposable vape while it's charging is safe or even possible? Let's delve into the world of disposable vapes and understand the charging conundrum!

Understanding Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have become an increasingly popular option for vaping enthusiasts. They are compact, pre-filled e-cigarette devices. They typically have a built-in battery, heating element, and e-liquid cartridge all sealed in one unit. Once the e-liquid or battery runs out, you simply discard the whole device and grab a new one. Their convenience and affordability make them accessible for casual and frequent vapers alike. However, safety should always come first when using any vaping device, especially when charging is involved. In this blog, we’ll cover the key considerations around using disposable vapes while they charge and best practices for staying safe.

Safety First 

When it comes to charging your vape, it’s critical to put safety first. Some inherent risks come with using an electrical device around liquid. The lithium-ion batteries used in vapes can be unstable if overcharged, damaged, or exposed to heat. Additionally, any time you combine electricity and liquids, there is a potential safety hazard, however minor. Short circuits, overheating, or battery failures can occur in rare cases if disposable vapes are charged improperly. Each model has specific charging requirements set by the manufacturer that should be followed. The manufacturers extensively test their devices during development and provide usage guidelines accordingly. While the likelihood of issues is very low, adhering to the proper protocols can give you peace of mind and prioritize safety when charging your device.

Manufacturer's Recommendations

Disposable vape manufacturers provide charging instructions and warnings in their user manuals that are very important to follow. Most brands explicitly caution against vaping while the device is plugged into the charger and actively charging. Doing so introduces moisture into the airpath and electronics which could potentially damage the vape or battery over time due to corrosion. It can also lead to overheating in some cases, which poses a safety risk, however minor. Additionally, vaping while charging essentially places demand on the battery to power the heating element even as the battery itself is refueling. This can confuse the charging system and cause potential glitches. The safest option is to avoid button presses and draws while the vape is actively charging. If you have any uncertainty, reach out to the vape company directly to get advice from their technical support team before charging your device.

Risk Assessment

There are some inherent risks associated with using a vape while it is charging. First, taking draws and vaping introduces moisture in the form of vapor into the device which can negatively impact the internal electronics over time. The moisture can lead to corrosion of circuits or connections. Secondly, any existing defects with the vape device itself or the lithium-ion battery may be aggravated if you are continuously using it while the battery is simultaneously charging. The excess activity can strain systems that may already be compromised. While the overall risk level may be quite low, it's wise and recommended to avoid vaping your disposable device while it is plugged in and charging whenever possible. Even though the chances of an actual issue are very slim, avoiding charging and vaping simultaneously is an extra precaution to err on the side of safety.

The Charging Conundrum

Given the warnings, you may wonder if you can vape at all while your disposable device charges. The answer isn’t straightforward. Some argue that taking a hit or two during charging is harmless. However, the consensus is to avoid vaping while charging whenever possible. If you must vape while charging, take steps to mitigate any risks.

Check Compatibility  

Not every vape device is compatible with all chargers. Using an incompatible or faulty charger can increase the risks. When charging your disposable vape, ensure you are using the charger designed specifically for that make and model. Chargers are not universally compatible across vape brands or even device types within a brand.

Monitor Charging Status

Keep an eye on the charging status of your vape and unplug it immediately once fully charged. Don’t leave it plugged in and unattended after the charging cycle completes. Fully charged lithium-ion batteries are more unstable and susceptible to problems if overcharged. Once your vape reaches 100%, unplug it.

Optimal Charging Conditions  

Choose the right conditions for charging your vape to minimize safety concerns. Avoid charging in extremely hot or cold environments and do not charge near flammable materials or liquids. Only use approved charging cables in undamaged condition. Charge on a non-conductive surface and in a place you can monitor.

Best Practices for Charging and Vaping

Here are some tips for safely charging your disposable vape and still enjoying it with minimal disruption:

  1. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Check battery level frequently and charge before fully depleted
  3. Use the approved charging cable and power adapter 
  4. Don't vape when the battery is very low 
  5. Avoid charging unattended overnight
  6. Take quick puffs sparingly if vaping while charging 
  7. Unplug immediately when fully charged
  8. Charge your vape in a cool, dry environment.
  9. Let the battery cool before vaping if hot while charging
  10. Consider a second vape for switching when charging 

Following best practices reduces any risks of vaping during charging. But it’s always advisable to refrain from vaping as much as possible when your disposable vape is plugged in. If you are shopping for disposable vapes online, Pastel Cartel Vape, Juicy Bars, and Orion 7500 flavors are the best choices to consider.


Disposable vapes provide an affordable, no-fuss vaping option. But special care must be taken when it comes to charging. While rare, there are potential safety hazards associated with using electronics around liquids. Following manufacturer guidelines and charging best practices is important. To stay safe, avoid vaping your disposable device during charging whenever possible. But if you must, take small quick puffs sparingly and stay attentive. Put safety first, be cautious, and enjoy your vape!

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